DesignSingapore Council Presents
Design Appreciation for All


“The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets.”


This installation by Nanyang Polytechnic’s Spatial Investigation Department invites visitors to be part of an immersive spatial experience that hopes to evoke a sense of collective dreaming. Through a specially designed orbiting apparatus, light and shadow will converge and bring life to the stories hidden in the shadows of the cityscape. The narratives in this imaginary cityscape is illuminated only by ‘moonlight’. You are invited to build and shape the spatial and experiential design of this dreamed up world.

Come dream with us in this transient cityscape that transforms throughout the night, where only the moon remains unflinching and undeterred.

Free Registration via Peatix. If you do not have a peatix account or looking for bulk registration, do contact us at!


Activity Day

  • DATE:                     Friday & Saturday 25, 26 August 2017

  • TIME:                      7pm–11pm
                                    7pm: “Behind Moondreaming", Sharing by                                         Spatial Investigation Department,                                                       School of Design, NYP

  • VENUE:                   Auditorium, Level 2
                                    National Design Centre
                                    111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
  • ADMISSION:         Free (by registration only)  
                                   Refreshments will be provided
                                     or +65 6291 3686

Event Period

  • DATE:                     25–26 August 2017

  • TIME:                      7am–11pm

  • VENUE:                   Auditorium, Level 2
                                    National Design Centre
                                    111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
  • ADMISSION:         Free