7 & 8 September 2018, 803 King George's Avenue

We're bringing #placemaking to our own NEIGHBOURHOOD! 

Junctions at 803, a community node project by Shophouse & Co, is a two-day placemaking prototype that hopes to spark new ideas and conversations about public spaces in Singapore’s heartlands.

Two community nodes at Block 803 / 807 King George's Avenue are prototyped into places for gathering, activity, and health for the transient work population in the area, the families and seniors living there, and visitors to the neighbourhood.

At the Canvas Junction, come discover our transformation of a regular transitory walkway into a social, fun and healthy experience! Over at the other side of the block, visit our reimagination of the Residents’ Corner with an injection of activities, colour and music! Conceptualised based on conversations with local stakeholders and analysis using the Shophouse & Co Placemaking Method, we also aim for these tactical experiments to inform long-term changes to the neighbourhood. 


Download the media release here


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Here's what we are prototyping on 7 & 8 September!



  • “Canvas Junction” – a Place Branding banner

  • “Lucky Charms” – an interactive public seating installation by Natalie Kwee

  • “Where to go?” – a sidewalk wayfinding chalk art

  • “Freeplay” – a mental & physical health pit stop

  • “Lepak Corner” – a reimagined public seating zone


  • “Linework” – a floor graphics installation

  • “No-equipment needed” – an alternative senior exercise corner

  • “Cumulus” – a lighting artwork by lighting designers, Light Collab

  • “Void-Deck Farm” – a reimagined community garden in partnership with Super Farmers

  • “Where to Park?” – a crowdsourcing exercise for bicycle parking solutions

  • “Quiet Zone”– a place of respite at the void deck

  • “Ping-Pong” – reintroducing a communal multi-generational activity

Join us for these scheduled sessions!

·       “Story for a Kopi” – a public engagement exercise. Friday, 7 September (12-2pm) and Saturday, 8 September (10 to 2pm) at Canvas Junction and Residents’ Corner

·       “Open Jio : Ping-Pong” – an invitiation to play. Friday, 7 September (12-2pm) at Residents’ Corner.