DesignSingapore Council Presents
Design Appreciation for All
Inspiration Talk: Design your life
  (Top left, bottom right) 'Eating Together' exhibition by In Plain Words. Photo: Clarence Aw. (Top right, bottom left) Kopi Talk activity by Participate In Design.

Start the New Year on the right note. Join us for an inspired evening when we take stock of the milestones in our lives, share our goals for design, listen to positive messages, and bond with kindred spirits.

 (From left to right) Solonia Teodros, Melisa Chan, Daniel Lim

(From left to right) Solonia Teodros, Melisa Chan, Daniel Lim

Topics & Speakers
Setting Goals and Achieving Them
Solonia Teodros, co-founder of lifestyle and learning institute, The Change School

Utilising Design Thinking in Creative Problem-solving
Melisa Chan, director of design collective, COLLECTIVELY
The Biggest Design Job You Will Ever Do
Daniel Lim, designer-digital entrepreneur-founder of business and life-coaching consultancy, The Happy Academy


  • DATE:                       Thursday, 9 Feb 2017 
  • TIME:                       7.30pm - 9.30pm 
  • VENUE:                    Roof Terrace, Level 5
                                      National Design Centre
                                      111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
  • ADMISSION:         Free (by registration only)                                                                                               Refreshments will be provided
                                     or +65 6291 3686



Solonia Teodros, The Change School

Humanist | Global Citizen | Entrepreneur
Born to Taiwanese and Ethiopian parents, with life chapters spanning the US and Asia, Solonia considers herself a citizen of the world.  Her Life-Work is driven by the belief that change is the only constant and that possibilities and opportunities are endless for those who dare to take the road less traveled in pursuit of purpose and personal mastery. 

As co-founder of The Change School, Solonia works with individuals and organizational teams at pivotal stages of change and transition to have clarity of who they are, their personal values, and their creative potential - in order to move forward. 

In 2016, Solonia spoke at TEDxAuckland about Stepping Up To Global Citizenship. She was also recognised by CMO Asia as one of Asia’s 50 Women Leaders for Leadership Excellence and by the World Training & Development Congress for Global Training & Development Leadership.

Soloniat (Twitter)
solipanda (Insta)


Melisa knew that she wanted to be a designer and a storyteller from the age of 4. Her pursuit of art and thirst for new design throughout her life has been a good foundation for her professional career.

People are at the heart of her work; she believes that she has a responsibility to an end-user, and that human-centred, analytical design informs meaningful, engaging and sustainable design solutions. Along with fulfilling user and client needs, Melisa believes that design should add an element of delight to the experience of a place or a brand. Melisa creates stories and places for people. She has over 13 years of experience in design practice and creative research, including retail masterplanning, graphics and wayfinding strategy, environmental branding and interior architecture.

Melisa was awarded a DesignSingapore Council (DSG) scholarship for her master’s degree in Advanced Architectural Studies and became an Associate upon graduation, representing DSG in a number of events, including the ICSID conference of 2009 and London Design Festival in 2008. Apart from strategy and design, she finds joy in paper-craft, like origami, screen-printing and bookbinding.






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Daniel Lim, The Happy Academy

Dan is a creative “cereal entrepreneur” – doing things for the love, and not the moohlah. He believes when you approach life this way, the money takes care of itself.

He owns businesses in digital publishing + interactive design + brand development. He started the Happy Academy to scratch an itch.

His 30s were burned on building his business empire. These days, the multi-hyphenate is on a personal crusade to spread light and happiness.


The Happy Academy
The Happy Academy (Insta)