Placemaking FAQs

Over the years, we’ve received many questions about our field. Here’s the answers to some of the frequent ones that we get! Hope it’s useful!

What exactly is placemaking?

This one is so important that we dedicated an entire page to it. Check it out here.

Isn’t placemaking simply events to make the place crowded?

Though events spark interest and draw people to the area, the real questions to ask are: Why organise this event? How do stakeholders benefit from it? Are the stakeholders involved in the conceptualisation process? What happens when the event is over?

Placemaking uses events as a tool within a larger strategy. Some events are placemaking events but not all are.

I saw some ideas for seating in a park during my travels. Can you just bring those here?

We all get inspired during our travels but we always ask: is it relevant?

Every place is unique in its character and context. What works in one place might not be relevant in another. Instead, we recommend working with local assets in a deliberate and thoughtful manner to create unique, hyper-local solutions.

How long will placemaking take?

Placemaking is an iterative process that takes time and patience to unfold and reap its full benefits. Placemaking specialists like us kickstart the process, and local stakeholders empowered with capabilities and tools, keep the efforts going for a long time!

It’s just like keeping our bodies fit and healthy. We might need some help to get it going but after that, we have to keep up the good habits!

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