The Inspiration

The modern collection strikes me as representing the strange and compelling time that design is in, at present. Loosely speaking, it is “modern”--but it is also whimsical, eccentric, and playful. 

I’m not sure that it is speaking to current trends, as much as to the “cool” of the 20th century. 

For this playlist, I imagined the Modern Contemporary collection as a dinner party setting, and tried to find sounds that are analogous: knowing, cosmopolitan, funky, and a bit angular... all with a cartoon-ish undertone.


Designer Profile

Joshua Comaroff was raised in Chicago, USA, and studied literature, linguistics, and creative writing at Amherst College before joining the Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture programs at Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

He has worked for and studied under Rem Koolhaas, Rafael Moneo, Rodolfo Machado and Jorge Silvetti, Preston Scott Cohen, and David Adjaye. Joshua initially began working with Ong Ker-Shing in the firm Lekker Design in 2002, and later in Lekker Architects (founded by Shing in 2015). In 2009, Josh completed a PhD in cultural geography at University of California Los Angeles, writing on the subject of haunted landscapes and urban memory in Singapore. He has published writing about architecture, urbanism, and politics, with an Asian focus. With Shing, he is co-author of Horror In Architecture.


(facebook @WeAreLekkerDesign)


The Inspiration

I have always loved vintage because of its simple concept of longing for existence and how it survives through the test of time. What makes vintage really cool is the depth it brings, the story behind the furniture, the era it was in, the marks, the scratches – gives character to the furniture.

Restoration is such a poetic and romanticised idea that essentially is about fixing the broken and giving new meaning and value to it. Beyond this romanticised idea - the complex and unique musicality of jazz mirrors the aesthetic nature of the old and modern look of the vintage collection. Jazz has been distinctively known for its improvisation and its free-form way of making music which pairs perfectly with the story of restoration of the vintage collection.

The playlist then hopes to reflect this idea of love, hope and faith through the good ol’ sound of jazz – classic and timeless.


Designer Profile

ZIQQ considers himself first and foremost an Interaction Designer by training, a humanitarian/social designer at heart, an avid photographer and filmmaker on a sunny day and a musician by night. He is the founder of Design Says Hello which can only be described as a movement that is geared towards advocating design as a catalyst for social change.






The Inspiration

As the theme “Industrial” is broad, I set out to create a “sub-theme” to help steer the song choice. The collection of furniture has a mix of metal and wood and it makes me think that a playlist that is somewhat retro-futuristic will go well. 

To depict the theme “retro-futuristic” in mind, I chose a selection of electronic, indie rock, classic rock, and some cross-genre music to blend it all together.


Designer Profile

A leading designer in Singapore, Kelley Cheng is an architectural graduate turned Jill-of-all-trade. She also runs her own publishing & design consultancy The Press Room, designing everything from books, brands, graphics to spaces, and even stage and film set design. From F&B businesses to an art gallery, her “creations” are diverse and unpredictable. An active educator, she had served as adjunct lecturer in NTU, GSA, NAFA and LaSalle College of the Arts; and sits on the advisory boards of Singapore Polytechnic, LianHeZaoBao and NAC (Spore Writers’ Festival). She is a frequent name on theinternational design judging panels Red Dot Awards, Nagoya-Do!, Design for Asia Award, Creative Circle Award, James Dyson Award, etc. 

As a creative director, her portfolio includes works for the Youth Olympics Games, Art Stage Singapore, Singapore Writers’ Festival 2014 and The National Art Gallery Singapore. She has curated many art shows including an augmented reality one for Martell recently.