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插班生 presents 4曾相似 / Be4 & After, The Freshman's 4th anniversary Showcase. The First Solar Powered Rooftop Gig at Transitional___


13 September 2014, Saturday


6:30pm-8:30pm Free entry/ BYOD (Bring your own dinner)


Come share the evening with 插班生, The Freshman! Pack a bento from home or buy your favourite sandwich and have a picnic with us, surrounded by a rooftop farm right in the city!

Join us as we belt out our favourite oldies in Transitional_edition 02 at the rooftop of National Design Centre. This will be the first rooftop gig totally powered by solar energy!

In line with the theme of using design to do good, bring along your pre-loved items (a good book or even that ukelele you no longer use!) and contribute to our "Free Flea Market". Afterall, one man's trash can be another man's treasure - your unused item may very well have a new lease of life in someone else's hands!

Looking back and moving forward, 4 years and counting.


The Freshman