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Its Too Hot To Be Out




6pm onwards


It's too hot to be out is an expression that we are all too familiar with, particularly with a space with nothing to offer us. Even though we long for the borderless free sky, the heat gets in the way. It's too hot to be out brings a slice of the sky that we missed during the day into the evening when it's cool enough to be out. The installation is situated on a long narrow corridor that, even when compared to the rooftop, is considered less of a space of interest. Dealing with the situated space and the longing for the sky, this work cuts a slice of the sky from a video that is recorded 6am - 6pm daily. The result is visualised as a single row of led lights along this narrow corridor, playing back the sky above the rooftop.


Modular Unit


Ong Kian Peng 

A new media artist born and based in Singapore. His works ranges from sound, media installations to design projects and he is most inspired by nature, sound and the human perception. These efforts have been shown in various group and solo exhibitions in galleries and festivals in the United States, Japan, Slovenia, South Korea, Singapore,Brazil and London. Recent exhibitions includes a solo show at Arebyte Gallery in London and the Soundings: Latitude and Longitude in ICA Singapore.

Kian Peng is also a DesignSingapore Scholar and is teaching in NYP after completing his MFA in Design | Media Arts from UCLA.


Modular Unit 

A Singapore based studio founded by Bin and Ivan. The studio is an extension of what used to be the PMP Collective, an audiovisual group that combined the disciplines of music and media art back in 2011.

Modular Unit was reformed in 2014 as a studio that would explore means to apply technology and interactivity in the fields of art and design. Some of these formats includes: Interactive objects, installations, interactive websites and audiovisual performances. 

Some of our clients includes Red Dot Design Museum, Jaguar, Fred Perry and the Singapore Grand Prix  Formula One.