An installation conceived by a Singaporean lighting design practice, Light Collab, displays a different image of our day to day items, like strings and plastic bag in new light. These objects were overlooked and often thrown away by the masses. We give them new life by bringing them out from the dark using light and colours. Clear plastic bags with a coloured string which are used typically in Singapore to contain our take-away noodles and coffee, we now fill them up with light and air. The plastic bags are now strung up in an organic manner like a branch of leaves to form the backdrop of the roof garden. An outdoor LiniLED LED strip illumnates the strings of plastic bags using RGB mixing technology and is kindly sponsored by Sunlight Luminaire.




Light Collab is a design practice specialising in the art of using light to enhance the visual environment and experience. Based in Singapore, they engage in a wide range of projects and are keenly committed to highlight the importance of using light to create qualitative perception. “Through our discipline, we hope to make a difference to the luminous environment in Singapore and worldwide. Light Collab is made up of experienced lighting design professionals drawing ;diverse strengths from our various backgrounds in architecture, interior design and scenography design.”.