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A cooking talk show with Jason & Benson: "Eating Clean"

Date : Friday, 13 June 2014

Time : 7pm

By:  Chefs Jason Vito & Benson Tong

Price: $60

Description :

Ever wondered what the food that enters your body actually does to it? In the ever changing urban world, our necessities have shifted from primal desires to economic gains resulting in a sedentary and fast paced lifestyle with high calorie and under nutritious food.

There are many dieting styles out there. Some are just plain trendy and some have quite a substance in it. Paleo diets, interestingly is one that shares both the quality of being trendy and substantial. 

Come join us for an interactive session of cooking and chatting! More talk-show than cooking show, learn more about the world of dieting and cooking, with the chefs who brought clean eating the fad!

Prepare to enjoy-

  • Paleo style family meal
  • Asian braised chicken with spiced coconut milk
  • Roasted snapper (or catch of the day) with roots and sour lemon
  • Sweet potato vaganza
  • Macerated berries and tofu Chantilly cheat
  • Super food smoothie.

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