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Design For Resilience
 (Clockwise from top left): ENERGY Gift mini by ENERGY MEET, Photo: ENERGY MEET; Living Shelter project by WY-TO and POD Structures, Photo: WY-TO and POD Structures; (Bottom left) ALOXYGEN Project by ENERGY MEET for Jacques Rougerie Competition, Photo: ENERGY MEET

(Clockwise from top left): ENERGY Gift mini by ENERGY MEET, Photo: ENERGY MEET; Living Shelter project by WY-TO and POD Structures, Photo: WY-TO and POD Structures; (Bottom left) ALOXYGEN Project by ENERGY MEET for Jacques Rougerie Competition, Photo: ENERGY MEET

How might designers identify solutions to address disasters or global/societal issues? Designers – Yann Follain (WY-TO); Lee Kay Lian (POD Structures); and special guest from Japan, Takuya Onishi (ENERGY MEET) will present their innovative, “disruptive” projects.

Yann and Kay Lian will present their inspiration and challenges in realising the Living Shelter, an affordable shelter designed for disaster relief that is easy to transport and assemble.

It was inspired by the Southeast Asian kampong house in response to the Tropical environment.

Takuya will share insights from his innovative projects such as ENERGY Gift mini, a device designed to provide light source for students in rural areas; and ALOXYGEN, an Earth homing project on Mars.


  • DATE:                     Thursday, 16 March 2017
  • TIME:                      7.30pm–9.30pm
                                    (Registration starts 7.10pm)
  • VENUE:                  Auditorium, Level 2
                                    National Design Centre
                                    111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969
  • ADMISSION:         Free (by registration only)                                                                   Refreshments will be provided
                                     or +65 6291 3686

Yann Follain
Managing Director-Head of Design (SG), WY-TO

Yann Follain is the founder of WY-TO's Singapore practice and co-founder of WY-TO architects in Paris. He was named, together with Pauline Gaudry, co-founder of WY-TO architects in Paris, one of Europe's most important and emerging young architects and designers in Europe 40 Under 40 for 2016 by The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design. 

He has built a rich multicultural experience from his formative years as Urban designer and planner at the Centre for Urban Design Studies (PSUD-ITB) in Bandung, Indonesia, to managing architectural projects at Colboc-Franzen & Associates in France and his subsequent move to studioMilou in Singapore as Project Coordinator and Team Leader for the National Gallery Singapore. Embracing multidisciplinary approaches to grow the Singapore practice has established Yann's diverse expertise in sustainable architecture, cultural curation and exhibition design. Together with his team, WY-TO received the Future-Maker award at the Beijing Global Innovation Conference and an Honourable Mention at the international Red Dot Design Competition in 2016. 

He is a frequent speaker on tropical sustainability and museum curation in the region and teaches young architectural and design talent as Adjunct Lecturer at the Singapore campus of the Glasgow School of Art in Interior Architecture. Yann is also an Associate Member of the Singapore Institute of Architects and serves as a member of the Advisory & Commissioning Panel for the Public Art Trust within the National Arts Council Singapore. He received his Master of Architecture degree from one of France's leading institutions, the National Architecture School of Higher Education of Paris-Belleville in 2005.


About WY-TO

WY-TO are multidisciplinary Architectural Designers based in Singapore and Paris, specialising in architecture, interior design, exhibition design and cultural curation. The Singapore practice was established in 2010 by founder, Yann Follain, and together with Pauline Gaudry, the Paris office was founded in 2012 to strengthen the multicultural portfolio of both offices by leveraging cultural exchanges, new forms of construction and synthesising disciplines for an integrative design approach. Our diversified knowledge has been built over multiple experiences developing and executing projects in various scales for clients in the residential, commercial, artistic exhibition and museum sectors.

At the core of WY-TO’s philosophy is our fundamental belief that design must serve a cause. Our disciplined approach is rooted in research and strategy and aims to develop timeless, durable environments with a strong focus on context and content as our driving methodology, beyond pure aesthetics. As Sustainability advocates, we work to maximise human wellbeing from the responsible use of resources through sensitive green design to minimise negative environmental impact when designing objects, buildings and spaces.

We continuously refine our design ideology to push boundaries and address distinct constraints. WY-TO’s multicultural identity provides a unique perspective, whether in developing enduring sustainable architecture; evocative living and working experiences; iconic, experiential exhibitions; memorable cultural journeys or helping society’s underprivileged living in challenging environments.

Ultimately, our mission is to deliver inspired, thoughtful and long-lasting solutions that essentially respond to real, humanistic needs.

Lee Kay Lian
POD Structures, COO, Co-Founder

Kay Lian is a registered architect in Singapore, graduating with a Master’s Degree in Architecture from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Architecture in 2001, receiving a Book Prize for his post-graduate dissertation on urbanism in 2000.

From 2001 to 2005, Kay Lian worked on resort and hospitality projects in the Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and China.

From 2006 to 2015, Kay Lian oversaw large scale residential and mixed-use projects, including high-end condominiums in Sentosa Cove and downtown Singapore, as well as public housing projects.

During this period, Kay Lian also conducted guest lectures in NUS Department of Architecture.

Kay Lian co-founded POD Structures in 2015, together with a structural engineer and specialist builder, to explore and expand the role of pre-fabrication and modular technology in building construction, while pursuing an interest in architecture’s contribution in humanitarian and disaster relief projects.

Collaborating with architectural design firm WY-TO, POD Structures exhibited The Living Shelter collapsible habitat at the 2016 Venice Architectural Biennale. The project received Honourable Mention for the 2016 Red Dot Design Awards.

POD Structures exhibited at the Singapore Red Cross Humanitarian Conference in 2016, and has initiated an innovation-focused action group, bringing together multiple disciplines to support disaster recovery projects.

Currently, Kay Lian is leading research projects related to pre-fabricated construction methods supported by the Building and Construction Authority and implementing disaster recovery projects in the region with the Singapore Red Cross.

About Pod Structures

Pod Structures Pte Ltd (PODS) is a Singapore-based multi-disciplinary construction technology start-up. It is founded by a builder, a registered engineer and a qualified architect, to provide an integrated and balanced approach to pre-fabricated and modular building design. 
PODS examines the supply and value chain of the pre-fabricated building delivery process to identify the critical design objectives, from space-planning, aesthetics, engineering to construction materials, costs and building techniques. 
With the belief that the built environment can be an effective engine for positive social change, PODS is committed to providing building solutions to help less-fortunate communities improve their living conditions, as well adopting sustainable and resource-light building design and construction processes.

Takuya Onishi; / AADip Hons / Architect

He has been working on super-light-weight portable architecture, and developing structural and material solutions with industries. His project covers post-disaster site, extreme environment and even outer space for providing survivable/habitable and comfortable space. His mission is to cultivate the impossible territory to expand man’s habitation with the environmental conscious. He had recently established ENERGY MEET with Masato Ashida (Architect in Japan) in 2010 and acting internationally.



“Designing Energy for Better Society”

Society has been conscious about Energy ever. ENERGY MEET (EM) is to bridge the energy solution through urban design, architecture, product, device and community design. The aim of EM is to provide the platform where carries a lot of innovative energy projects with the collaboration of many different type of designers, engineers, environmentalist, economist, politicians and society/people.