Transitional ___ by Shophouse & Co is a platform that aims to unlock the potential of vacant spaces in transition to a new lease of life. It does so by connecting the creative community to spaces, and providing tools and resources, to spark collaborations and develop creative projects that will liven up and prototype new ideas for the city.


the land problem

Singapore is the world's most expensive city to live in [1], ranks 11th in most expensive rental globally and is the most expensive in Southeast Asia in occupancy cost per sqm per year[2]. Independent creatives, social enterprises and communities are priced out of the market and have difficulty in finding space and resources to kickstart their projects.

[1] Economist Intelligence Unit, 2014
[2] Cushman & Wakefield, "Office Space Across the World", 2014

The solution

In the lifespan of an urban space, there are moments where it is in transition such as the interim period during change of license application, a 'marketing period' in the search of the perfect tenant or a period where the design or tender process is on the way. These spaces are not-leasable and thus can be temporarily used for the larger good. 

What is a Transitional space?

What is in it for everyone?



Low-risk and low-commitment to space

Empowered to prototype new concepts

Contribute to urban life

Ability to tap on critical support (logistic, operational, legal) and focus on creative work

Space Owners

Reduce liability on under-utilized spaces

Reach new audiences/possible tenants

Test possible demand/concepts

Positive visibility by providing opportunities for community benefit and social enterprise


A platform to connect the right space to the right creative concept and vice-versa


Provide toolkits, access to resources and communities to protect space owners and empower creatives

A knowledge center about the intersection of cities and creatives

We are looking for___

Have a space that needs a creative spark? Are you a Creative with ideas to showcase and prototype? Or do you have resources to support the community? Drop us a mail and let's chat! 

We are always looking to collaborate with partners such as :

  • Space/Venue/Land owners
  • Sponsors 
  • Creative programming partners
  • Fresh ideas for F&B, Retail and other industries 
  • and more

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