What we do

We are a placemaking studio that helps city agencies, companies and communities, turn urban spaces into vibrant places for live, work, and play. Here's a bit more of what we can do for you. 

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Placemaking Research and Strategy

Want to create a vibrant place but need a bit of help to start? We can help you outline a sustainable placemaking strategy for your building, public space, or precinct. 

Using our very own Shophouse & Co Placemaking Method, we will craft for you a bespoke Place Report that outlines insights and actionable recommendations for the various departments in your organisation to co-create a delightful place for people.  

Case study: Funan

Placemaking Programmes

A building is just a shell. It is people that gives it life. 

With that as our starting point, our programmes are always designed to involve and catalyse communities around spaces. From one-off to regularly recurring ones, we treat these meaningful shared experiences as opportunities to spark and reinforce social bonds and conversations that will last beyond the event itself. Not only will we conceptualise and curate these programmes, but we can deliver these for you too.

Case study: National Design Centre

Tactical Interventions

We are advocates of tactical interventions to prototype new ideas with, and for the community. They are also a fun way to demonstrate possibilities! 

Our multidisciplinary team can help you to strategise, design and produce these interventions. Best executed as part of a clear placemaking strategy in mind, these interventions can last from a single day to a few months and are a great way to gain insights and reduce the risk of long -term policy or physical improvements.

Case study: 115 King George's Avenue


Education, Training, Presentations

From an Introduction to Placemaking, to specific topics affecting particular departments, or how to place-make specific building types - we can customise our training programme and presentations for you. We have also tailored our presentations to a variety of audiences; from students to heads of departments, and will work with you to make the content relevant for the audience. Through our sessions, we hope to inspire and empower others to create places for people!

Case study: HDB Buildathon