We help city agencies, companies and communities, turn urban spaces into vibrant places for live, work, and play. 

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Our belief


The developments that we build, from small villages to the urban downtown, are the richest expression of the diversity and dynamism of human culture. These built environments become meaningful and rich when the community imbues it with culture, good times and memories, turning mere spaces into places that have a special place in our hearts.



We believe it is everything including architecture, built and natural landscapes, designed objects, leisure experiences, food, music, sport, tourism, heritage, technology and many things in between which make our lives meaningful. We also believe that it is a social glue that, when used successfully, binds urban spaces together and makes them attractive to live in. 


It is the people around us; our families, friends and communities who bring vibrancy and value to our lives and we want to play a part in building up community goodwill to make our cities great places to be in. 



WHO are our clients?

We work with space owners and land developers, architects and urban designers, urban stakeholders and urban communities to activate built spaces and turn them into memorable places.

HOW do we help our clients?

We engage with the owners and stakeholders of the space and also the larger creative community in order to develop bespoke creative programmes that will meaningfully activate the space and contribute to urban life. This may take various forms including events, festivals, exhibitions, editorial content or other formats or mediums depending on the brief.

Our Name


The Shophouse is a unique architectural typology found across Southeast Asia. Traditionally used as both a Shop and a House, the neighborhoods were places where tightly knitted communities work, live and play in harmony.

Besides its beautiful architectural details and cool urban vibe, we also love the rich history, tradition, culture and community spirit that is associated with the Shophouse, all of which part of “the invisible richness” within a space which we believe in and want to uphold as a company.

The Co in our name stands for togetherness as used in words like Community, Collaboration, Connection, Coworking and more. We want to bring diverse creative communities and businesses together to inspire and be inspired by each other with the ultimate aim of developing meaningful relationships in our urban spaces.

The logo is an abstraction of a row of shophouses with each unit in different widths and its own character yet harmoniously coming together to create a whole.

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